Last Week in Maine’s Second District

October 20, 2021

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Welcome to my weekly rundown, the latest on what I’ve been working on for Mainers in the Second District:  

Dental Benefits for Medicare: We Need to Get It Right 

Last week, I laid out some of the problems I see with the draft reconciliation bill proposal and the hard choices that I believe need to be made in the legislation. 

One important issue is the expansion of Medicare benefits. I support expanding Medicare to cover dental care. But the way the bill is written, no senior would get Medicare dental coverage until 2028 and the full benefits wouldn’t kick in for over a decade. 

Waiting 7-10 years to phase in dental coverage is a gimmick to make the program look cheaper on paper. For too many seniors, it would amount to another empty promise. 

I wrote to House committee chairmen last week to urge them to either address the problems with this Medicare dental proposal or remove this potentially harmful half-measure from the bill.

Page one of the letter. Page two of the letter.

Medicare is too important to risk the integrity of the program by adding underdeveloped, half-baked new provisions. 

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Good News for Maine Lobstermen 

The Maine Lobstering Union recently filed a lawsuit to stop misguided new regulations that could devastate our lobster fisheries, regulations I’ve been working with lobstermen to push back against since 2019. Just last week, a judge granted them an order to temporarily stop those regulations from going into effect. 

This decision is a positive signal that the voices of lobstermen are being heard. For the first time in this regulatory process, the concerns of lobstermen were weighed fairly and as a result we have a ruling grounded in common sense and the public good. 

Judge Lance Walker’s decision acts on arguments that lobstermen have been making for years now: there is simply not hard data to support the idea that Maine lobster gear is killing right whales. As they have argued and as Judge Walker notes, implementing this closure would cause serious economic damage to lobstering communities without any demonstrated impact on saving right whales. 

This struggle is not over in the courts or in the federal government, and I look forward to working with lobstermen across the state to continue to fight for fair regulations based on accurate data and hard evidence. 

Read more about the decision here

Re-Opening the Canadian Border 

Just last week, the re-opening of the Canadian land border was announced for early November. This is great news for small businesses and families across our border communities in Maine. My colleagues and I in the Maine delegation have been pushing for changes like this for months now. I'm glad to see the administration finally take action and I hope it means more traffic for small businesses and reuniting with family and friends. 

It is my pleasure to serve you in Congress. Please continue to provide me with your crucial perspective and experiences.

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Jared F Golden 

Jared F. Golden 
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