Golden Statement Ahead of Presidential Visit to Puritan Medical Products, Fisheries Roundtable

June 4, 2020
Press Release

LEWISTON — Ahead of President Trump’s arrival in Maine tomorrow to visit Puritan Medical Products and hold a roundtable with representatives of Maine’s fishing industry, Congressman Jared Golden (ME-02) released the following statement: 

“The men and women of Puritan Medical Products deserve to be recognized for their hard work and the contributions they are making to the national effort to overcome the coronavirus. With his visit tomorrow, the president has an opportunity to step back from the divisive leadership he has offered the nation and focus on something positive that every American can be proud of: the dedication of these workers in service to our country. 

“I have previously joined my colleagues to call on the president to use the Defense Production Act to aid the nation in its response to the pandemic. Now that he has done so, the increased production of swabs here in Maine stands as evidence of what America’s skilled workforce is capable of when we focus on bringing manufacturing home to the United States.

“While I’m glad to hear that the president will also hold a roundtable with representatives of Maine’s fishing industry while he’s in our state, I have to ask: where has he been for the past four years? Lobstermen have been raising the alarm with the White House for some time, and I have been asking for help from the Trump Administration since I came to Congress. Last July, I led the Maine delegation to formally request that the president intervene to block his own administration’s proposed regulations on the lobster fishery. Nearly a year later, we still haven’t received a response or seen any action against these harmful regulations. I genuinely hope the president commits the full power of the presidency to protecting Maine’s lobster industry, and I am ready to work with him — as I have been for some time now — if he will commit to taking action. This debate has been going on throughout his presidency. We are long past the time for roundtables — Maine lobstermen need action.” – Congressman Jared Golden (ME-02)

Golden has used his seat to fight for Maine lobstermen since taking office in 2019. In July, he led the Maine delegation to send President Trump a formal request to intervene on behalf of lobstermen against the implementation of new regulations from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). The delegation has not received a response to their request from the White House. 

Golden was the first member of the Maine delegation to sound the alarm on misguided draft regulations from NOAA and brought an amendment to the House floor that would have effectively blocked the regulations from implementation. Although it received bipartisan support, the amendment was defeated after special interests lobbied to kill it. Working alongside other members of the delegation, he has continued to pressure the administration to change their approach towards the state’s lobster fishery and use accurate data when making policy