Casework Success Stories

We help Mainers from across the district who are having problems with federal agencies and programs, like Medicare, Social Security or the VA. If you're having trouble, you can reach out to my office here.

Here's a few examples of the Mainers we've helped.



It had taken so long for Jacqueline from Newport to receive her spousal benefits after her husband passed away from a service-connected disability that she had given up trying. She’d already been denied three times. Then she reached out to our office. Our staff got involved and worked with the VA to quickly resolve the issue and ensure Jacqueline received her correct spousal benefits.




Michael from Madison is a retired enlisted servicemember who hadn’t received the retirement income that he had earned. He tried to work through the issue for five years without much luck, then he got in touch with our office. Our team quickly located the source of the problem, helped him correct the error, and advocated for him until he received the retirement income he had earned through service.  



Van Buren

After Ernest from Van Buren served in Operation Desert Storm, he came down with illnesses related to his service. After years of struggling with the VA and Social Security, our office got involved. We helped him resolve his claims and get the full benefit he was entitled to.



East Millinocket

Robert in East Millinocket was a first-time homebuyer grappling with an IRS tax issue for 10 years. Our office worked with him to get him to help he needed to put the issue to rest.




After he got cancer as a result of his service at Camp Lejeune, Byron from Caribou was having trouble getting his service-related disability. In just a couple of months, our office made sure to get Byron access to the full VA benefits available for his disability.

Lynne Porter, Crystal

“I was getting the runaround from Medicare on medical travel reimbursement for my husband. I brought all of my paperwork to Congressman Golden’s office to see what they could do, and less than two weeks later, I heard back that his travel had been approved! We’d struggled for months to resolve this on our own, but after just a couple weeks, they’d totally fixed the problem. They have saved us so much money getting reimbursed the gas we use getting to and from appointments!”

Margaret Zwicker, Lagrange

“When I lost my job during the pandemic, I couldn’t get through to the Department of Labor to get my unemployment benefits. I tried everything: calling, faxing, online. Nothing worked. But then I reached out to Congressman Golden’s office. His staff was professional, friendly, and most important, they got it done. They went to work and got me the unemployment benefits I’d been waiting for.”

Blue Labeet-Clark, Fort Fairfield

“I’m a veteran and I was getting bills from creditors for at least $2,000 that the VA was supposed to pay. I reached out to Congressman Golden’s office to see if they could help. I’m no longer getting bills from creditors looking to collect. I’m not sure how they fixed it, but they did!”

Emily with a dog.

Emily Scott, Caribou

“My husband and I were struggling to get our Maine licenses and registration. Because my husband is a police officer, he needed his license to start work. Congressman Golden’s office helped connect us with the Maine Bureau of Motor Vehicles, and we were able to get an appointment not long after. With our licenses and registration settled, my husband could start work. I can’t thank them enough!”

Rafael Zahriyeh, Newport

“I was fighting to get my tax refund, and was owed more than $7,000 by the IRS. I didn’t know what was holding it up – so I reached out to Congressman Jared Golden’s office. The Congressman’s staff worked with me and the IRS to make sure I got the money I was owed, and I finally received my refund not long after.”

Jenna W., Medway

“I’d been waiting for months to get my federal refund. The IRS owed me thousands, and I wasn’t getting answers. Then I reached out to Congressman Golden’s office, and his team worked with the IRS to make sure I got the money I was owed.”

Ronald Blum, Patten

“There was an error on my Economic Impact Payment card, and I couldn’t use the funds because of it. So I talked to Congressman Jared Golden’s office, and they helped me figure out how I could get access. They were very helpful – thank you.”

William Reid, Skowhegan

“For years, my wife and I have been overbilled by more than $11,000 by the Social Security Administration for Medicare premiums. We tried appealing, but never could get a written response from the SSA. We recently reached out to Congressman Golden, and he and his staff worked with SSA on our behalf, keeping us updated the whole time. They succeeded in getting us not only an official response that was positive but also a reimbursement for the overbillings and adjustments in our future monthly Medicare premiums. Without their work, we never would have succeeded in obtaining a just decision.”