Golden Statement on Vote to Establish Process for Public Phase of Impeachment Inquiry

October 30, 2019
Press Release

Congressman Jared Golden (ME-02) released a statement today in advance of Thursday’s vote on H. Res. 660, which establishes the procedures for the public phase of the House impeachment inquiry:

“Since we learned of the Intelligence Community whistleblower complaint, I have repeatedly said that the House must engage in a process that instills public trust and establishes the facts before considering the possibility of impeachment. While I disagreed with the initial decision to open the impeachment inquiry, it is clear that the investigation has confirmed information contained in the whistleblower complaint. For the good of our country and the public’s understanding of the process, this investigation should no longer continue solely in a closed setting.

“Tomorrow, I’ll vote to open up the House investigation to the American people. The resolution before the House outlines a fair, public process that protects the rights of the president and the minority party, allows the public release of the transcripts of witness depositions, and provides for the public testimony of witnesses before the Intelligence Committee. To vote no tomorrow would be to oppose these protections — that the president and Republicans themselves requested — and to condone the continuation of this investigation solely through closed depositions without public testimony.

“I came to Congress to get things done for Maine, not to investigate the president. But a whistleblower has brought forward credible allegations, and I have a solemn duty to follow the facts where they lead. At this juncture, opening up this investigation to the American people and providing for a fair, transparent process is the best way I see to fulfill that duty. My vote tomorrow does not indicate that I am in favor of impeaching the president. As I’ve said from the beginning, I will continue to treat these allegations with the gravity they deserve, and I refuse to prejudge the outcome. While the investigation continues, I will remain committed to the work the people of my state sent me to Congress to do.”