Press Releases

February 24, 2021 Press Release
Lawmakers decry lack of evidence of effectiveness for rules that “may ultimately shut down Maine’s lobster fishery by 2030”

During his campaign, President Biden said “[lobstermen] deserve better. And as President, I will work to protect the livelihood and safety of the fishing community.”

February 17, 2021 Press Release
Congressman will also serve on House Armed Services Subcommittee for Readiness

WASHINGTON — Congressman Jared Golden (ME-02) has been named a Vice Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee (HASC) Seapower and Projection Forces Subcommittee.

February 16, 2021 Press Release
Political ad spending is increasingly moving online, where it is difficult to trace and verify

WASHINGTON — Congressman Jared Golden (ME-02) introduced two bills this week to slow the flood of political money moving to social media advertising, fight the spread of disinformation, and help block foreign influence in American elections.  

February 9, 2021 Press Release
After Congress fully funded & permanently reauthorized the Land and Water Conservation Fund last year, Trump DOI issued directives to undercut the program

WASHINGTON — Congressman Jared Golden (ME-02) and a bipartisan group of 89 House lawmakers are writing to Acting Interior Secretary Scott de la Vega to urge him to immediately reverse a slew of Trump Administration policy changes designed to impede and overburden the nation’s leading public land conservation program. 

February 9, 2021 Press Release
Lawmakers argue February 19th deadline provides insufficient time for lobstermen and other stakeholders to read and assess 1,000 pages of material, including new data and model

WASHINGTON — Maine’s congressional delegation this week asked the federal agency in charge of managing the nation’s fisheries to extend its public comment period on its draft Biological Opinion (BiOp) on ten fishery management plans in the Greater Atlantic Region. 

February 8, 2021 Press Release

WASHINGTON — The House of Representatives passed a bipartisan bill Friday evening to invest $3.5 billion to expand apprenticeship opportunities across the country.

February 5, 2021 Press Release

WASHINGTON — Maine’s congressional delegation wrote to the United States Department of Agriculture this week to express their concerns with the agency’s Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) guidance for nonindustrial private forest land (NIPF). In December 2020, the agency proposed a threshold for acreage at which a landowner qualifies as NIPF in NRCS programs, which the lawmakers note

February 5, 2021 Press Release
Golden withheld his vote to begin lengthy budget reconciliation process unless congressional leaders move vaccine funding immediately
February 4, 2021 Press Release
Members of Blue Dog Coalition to Congressional leaders: “why… wait until March or even April for us to deliver essential support for our nation’s vaccination efforts, if we have the votes to pass a standalone bill this month.”